Artist's Statement

          At the heart of this sample of a continuing body of work are people. People who appear ordinary, yet possess a great deal of dignity, pride and strength. The work focuses on the individuals to capture these qualities and attempts to avoid sacrificing the subject to the larger concepts involved. 

 Old age, minority status, disease and mortality are concepts addressed in the images before you. The direction is to continue the photographic journey, focusing on the people while further reporting on the issues and concerns. The work’s aim is to be as in depth as possible while undertaking some additional pressing issues. Poverty and labor are but a few to name.

 Issues and the people, not mere numbers behind the statistics, reside in every corner of this world. In the present work, the United States and Slovakia are the focus.

 The United States, still viewed by many as the land of milk & honey, has its own struggles. The work strives to show the country’s other side. It is an effort to give voice to the people in the United States who don’t always enjoy the riches of the so-called Land of Opportunity. The photographs attempt to give a more balanced and realistic view about this great country, a country which is as vulnerable as any other.

 Slovakia, on the other hand, lives in the shadow of the Czech Republic. Often confused in the United States with Yugoslavia, Lithuania and such, it too deserves a voice. The work reaches out to the people of this nation in hopes of bringing their issues and concerns out of the shadows.

 This work is a labor of love and commitment, a commitment to tell stories of people, one person, one issue, and one place at a time.